Hard and fast….

He runs his fingers through her hair and grabs a fistful pulling her closer

Reality brushed aside as she let the feel of his hands take over. His lips crushing against hers and the touch of his tongue igniting the desire she had kept bottled up, a small moan of pleasure as she leans in for more.

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She got wetter and wet and was so responsive.. each touch, each lick received and savoured in pure unadulterated passion…

The air thickened with anticipation and her breathe caught. Her body tensing and her nipples tightened. Clenching her thighs together the ache echoed up and quivered down in waves of pleasure.  Each wave causing ripples of pleasure awakening each nerve and bringing a wash of desire crashing down in an unstoppable force.

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Out of the box

Tonight they try out bdsm, and have gone through the lists of what they would like to try

Staring out the window, hands pressed up against the glass….absorbing the hum and life of the city down below… amazing how the place comes alive at night and looks so different. So vital, so welcoming, so sexy… like a song played perfectly in key.

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Pleasure burning

His hand grips my hair and his strokes quicken, I am soooo close, moaning and twisting

There is this invisible bond between us… like a radio beacon, throbbing and pulsing with a life of its own… drawing us closer and yet forever between us. I can sense him when he enters the room and my body is on instant alert. A fire ignites in my eyes and moisture pools between my legs. His shoulders stiffen a little and his jaw hardens..

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Tied and tested

She was helpless at his touch and felt like the most powerful sex goddess

A soft yawn escapes as she stretches and slowly opens her eyes. Sitting up and gently awakening, images of the night before fresh in her mind. The tender ache a reminder of the absolute pleasure she experienced.

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